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Features of SEO-Ready Content

Features of SEO-Ready Content


Before publishing a website or a web post, it is ideal to ensure that your content is SEO ready. After all, in the modern world, many things have turned to being done online. People are doing literally everything online. Be it shopping, news or even interaction. Having this in mind, it shows that if you do not optimize your content properly, you may never reach the intended audiences or goals. That is the reason why many firms are investing greatly in keyword research guides and SEO keyword research tutorials so as to remain relevant on the search engines.

After doing your research and coming up with keywords and contents, it is time to analyze whether your content is SEO ready. The following features will help a great deal.


This is the most important aspect of any content. Many people will tend to argue that keywords are everything in SEO optimization. They count but are nothing without quality content. You would not want your website to look promising from the outside but ends up giving vague information on the inside. Having great content will ensure that both traffic and profit, in the long run, are achieved.

Keyword Density

You may have high-quality content but it will not topple up the ranks. This is probably because your choice of keywords, which links to the density, was poor. A good formula that will solve this would be to take the total number of time you have used the keyword, divide by the total number of words and multiply by 100. It is recommended that you have 1-3% density of the keyword.


You could have satisfied all the above features but still, your content won’t make it to the high ranks of search engines. This could be due to grammar errors and misspellings. At this age, this should not be an issue as there are many tools which are dedicated to solving grammar issues in a click. Sites like Google will even penalize you for grammatical errors. Nobody would want to read error-full content.



this is another aspect that is key in the SEO world. It is prudent not to reuse content over and over. You also should not plagiarize others’ content. Search engines like Google will simply not entertain this as it proves that your content is not authentic. They will penalize you or reject your submissions at worst.


Search engines have upped their game. The algorithms they use to rank content checks on a variety of aspects that we have covered in detail. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that your content is perfectly optimized.