I say it’s been almost a year since my last update, I have been busy with other projects. This does not mean I have lost my passion for C# I still enjoy working with it.


Any way this update is focused on  Collections are a integral part of C# we use them in all projects from the smallest to the largest but how many of us actually think about which collection we are using?

Most of the time we just pick a List<T> and are content as it’s easy to use we never seem to think about performance. Well I have actually done some research and carried out some performance tests the results of which were surprising. Most of the time the List<T> is actually the best performing collection.

What if you want to store objects with some kind of key value lookup? Would it be better to use a Dictionary<TKey, TValue> or SortedDictionary<TKey, TValue> or even a SortedList<TKey, TValue> well that all depends on circumstance. Read through the section and hopefully it will answer your question.

I have finished adding the section of the website. It’s important that all developers learn about inheritance and polymorphism as it’s one of the fundamental building blocks of object orientated programming. Many developers I have met seem to have difficulties understanding Inheritance and polymorphism and it shows in the code they write. You will see them repeat a lot of code which could easily be put into a class hierarchy.

Whilst reading this section pay close attention to how the base class can be called especially the constructor. It’s one of those things you will use again and again.

It’s also important to understand how access to classes can be restricted by using the public private and protected class modifiers, so it may be worth reading up on the section of the site.

I just wanted to post another quick update on how the site was progressing. I have finally updated the whole of the site into the new format. It makes the site easier to read and navigate. If anyone wants to email me they may do so: admin@quitecode.com

Let the C# knowledge sharing continue.

Work is continuing on QuiteCode.com I have been busy updating the existing pages into the new format. Once this has been completed I plan on continuing work on the class section.

While updating the various C# pages on this website I have been brushing up on my own development skills. It’s amazing how much you can forget in such a small period of time. Take for example this website. One thing I am personally very bad at doing is remembering the syntax for C# Delegates.
How they should be declared and how they should be called. Reviewing this section of the website has helped remind me how it should be done.

Any way once I have completed the basic design of this site I can continue adding to the content. It will be back to the section.

Work is continuing on the website I have finally got Google Ads Working.

I wanted to take this opportunity and tell you what this site was all about. Basically I want this site to act as a first port of call for C# developers who forgot that important piece of code. All developers have done this when for some reason you forget the LINQ query which removes duplicate results. This site is here to act as a resource for all C# developers no matter what there level.

I also plan on adding a jobs section soon. This section is not there to advertise jobs relating to this site, it will be there to allow companies and individuals to advertise C# developer positions.

So stay with me and enjoy how this site develops. I am always looking for feedback and suggestions and plan on giving you a way to give them to me.