The Different Types of Wrenches by WrenchAdviser

A wrench is one of the basic tools an individual can find in a house toolbox. Different types of wrenches have already been invented with specific purposes. That’s why; people should know the differences among these types of wrenches before buying. Without further ado, here are the most common types of wrenches according to WrenchAdviser.

• Adjustable Wrench
The adjustable wrench is the most common type of wrench used by people. The wrench is coined “adjustable” because it has a moveable jaw intended for changing the wrench size. An adjustable wrench is used for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts. However, this type of wrench is generally weaker than any other wrench and it can damage the nut or bolt when not used properly.

• Pipe Wrench
Basically, pipe wrenches have the same purpose as adjustable wrenches. This type of wrench has a moveable jaw for changing the wrench size. However, pipe wrenches are more popular for turning around metal pipes and damaged nuts. A pipe wrench is designed with ragged jaws to provide more grips on materials with smooth surfaces.

• Torque Wrench
If there’s a need to apply a defined amount of rotational force, then a torque wrench should be used. Just like any other wrench, this type of wrench is used for tightening bolts and nuts. Torque wrenches are designed based on socket wrenches but they have special parts to monitor the amount of rotational force to be applied. Moreover, torque can either be measured manually or mechanically.

• Strap Wrench
A strap wrench is one of the latest variations of wrench invented. It is a multi-purpose wrench because it has an adjustable strap which will make tightening, loosening and turning different shapes and sizes of any object easier.Moreover, this type of wrench is perfect for gripping since it establishes a high friction between the strap and objects to prevent slipping.

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