Uncommon, Yet Extremely Effective Types of Back Stretcher

For sure you already know that there are lumbar extenders and the famous portable back stretchers that are known to be capable of providing you convenience when relieving back pain. However, you have to be aware of the uncommon types of these back stretchers as well. There are two types of stretchers that are also known to be capable of providing the same benefits as the other two all-time favorites. These also come at a lower price, too.

For youi to find out the type of uncommon back stretcher that you may like to use, you can take note of the following:

Ab Trainers

There are ab trainers that are known to be capable of serving as a back stretcher. These are products that looks like a chair, but has an arch that’s back and away from the legs once you lean on it. This, it can bend your back as you comfortably sit down on it. Experts and manufacturers have also said that the product is capable of expanding the distance between the discs once you lean on it. Thus, I can relieve back aches accurately, and can align your spine when needed be as well. If you want to improve your abs, you can also use it as well.

Foam Rollers

This has became uncommon, but is considered as a classic product. This is very simple to use since you just need to lie down on top of the roller. Pressure your arms in front of your chest as you do this, and hold them loosely using your feet. Just roll on your back over the roller, doing upward and downward motions as you lay down.

These products are cheaper than the famous ones, but can still provide the same benefit as all types of stretchers. So be sure to remember these products as it’s also convenient, and can provide you the relief that you always want.

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